NEW Project – "Happy Birthday Gustav" by @ConnectionTH

Hello Aliens!
What do you say about making a birthday video honoring our beloved drummer?
Let’s show how much we love him and we want the 8th of September to be special to him!

How do I participate?
You can choose between sending a picture of you with a little plaque (a paper, a sketch book… whatever you want!) containing a message or just a “happy birthday” or something that symbolizes his birthday, OR so you can record a video of you saying something you wish to Gustav, in English. You can send a photo AND a video, if you want! ^^

Can there be more people with me in the photo/video or has to be only me?
Feel free to call your friends and family!

If I send a video, what lenght of time it must have?
Maximum 20 seconds.

Where should I send?
To the e-mail:
– We will send you an e-mail back to confirm that we received! –

The deadline for sending photos/videos runs until September 3!

NOTE: If anyone needs Spanish translation, just ask it  🙂

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