Nomina a TOKIO HOTEL en los "Kerrang Awards 2012"


Ok ok, we know… every year we ask you to nominate Tokio Hotel for the annual Kerrang! Awards (as much as to vote for them in the annual Kerrang! readers poll at the end of the year) and so far they have never been nominated/listed but you’ll understand that we have to keep trying. XD We cannot just give up and have to keep the name “Tokio Hotel” in the mind of the UK media. Show them that there are still fans around who love and support the band so here we go again:

Go to, fill in the registration form (please do and don’t skip this step as we have to show Kerrang! that we’re not just spamming their awards votes but can be taken seriously^^) and nominate Tokio Hotel in the following categories:

Best International Band, Hottest Male (select whoever of the four guys you want, though Bill usually gets the most votes), Hero of the Year



Esta es una revista de Reino Unido, y según su Fan Club:

Tokio Hotel nunca ha sido nominado, entonces intentemos que sean nominados para ayudarles a poder seguir manteniendo el nombre de Tokio Hotel en Reino Unido.

Sólo debes rellenar este formulario de inscripción: 🙂
y luego nominarlos en las categorías de: 
Best International Band, Hottest Male (Aquí puedes seleccionar a cualquier integrante de la banda ), Hero of the Year.
Sabemos que si tenemos a tokio hotel entre los nominados, sería muy fácil ganar 🙂 
info by @TokioHotelUKST


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